Our passion is cloud

We specialize in providing hosting services for the ecommerce industry.

We want to translate our belief in cloud transformation into concrete actions. While working with ecommerce clients, we localized their main needs in order to meet their expectations!

Benefits for your


High availability

Data security

Migration to the cloud

Application security

Performance optimizations

Mass mailing campaigns

Security copies

Emergency application environments

Meet our Team of Specialists


System Engineer

I've always been passionate about operating systems and it seems that the job of administrator was written for me. At Perseids I deal with system security and server support, my main work tool is a terminal and keyboard. For that, I spend my free moments at the cinema in front of the big screen, or in my four walls with a pad in hand.


New Business Manager

Sales is my passion, which I have successfully managed to develop for many years. Through it, I meet many interesting people who are constantly expanding my horizons.


Managing Partner

In IT since forever. The feeling that I was starting to put down roots in corporations pushed me to make a radical decision - to go down a hitherto unknown path and create something of my own.


Product Manager

My superpower is to establish relationships with people, so at Perseids I deal extensively with communication and team planning. You will probably meet me in every non-technical process of our organization. Privately, an unfulfilled muay thai fighter and passionate about poor jokes.


E-Commerce Tech Leader

Webdeveloper by passion, programmer by reason :p Undisputed king of rusks and trambbles. Enthusiast of good beer, good movies and good rock music. Silent admirer of teas of all kinds. Perpetually sleep-deprived.


E-Commerce Tech Leader

I have been interested in computer science since I was a child and knew that this is what I wanted to associate my future with. My greatest satisfaction comes from creating web applications and learning new technologies. In my free time I play the guitar, program or dream of traveling the world.